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***She is your leading Financial Strategist with over 12+ years of experience in helping individuals gain financial freedom by restoring credit. She is a Certified Credit Counselor with a master’s degree in accounting and economics, and a proven track record of more than 10,000 credit repair success stories. She is nationally acclaimed in the financial industry with over 20+ features with highly syndicated news appearances with NBC, USA Today, CBS, FOX ABC, Future Sharks, and the list grows.***

You can be confident knowing that you are in good hands. As a certified credit analyst, financial strategist, NACCC, EA, CMA Ms. Williams will help you get your credit and finances back on track with ongoing education to assure that you can properly sustain your credit and financial worthiness.

In her own words: At the age of 21, I went shopping and always spent frivolously. I was maxing out every credit card I owned, spending out more than what was coming in. I never considered what I was going to do when all of those minimum payments added up to more than I could afford. I did not understand credit nor was I aware of how to maintain it other than spending all of the available credit I had. I would then make payments when I was able, but times were extremely tough and my finances were scarce, to say the least.

By the age of 23, I was forced to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. I decided to visit a credit repair specialist. The woman pulled my credit reports and told me it would cost $5,000.00 for her to repair my credit! I could not afford that and asked if there were any other options. She informed me that she was my only option and that was her price. Thinking my life was over, my face dropped to the floor. I walked out of her office and noticed about twenty other people outside her door waiting to be serviced. I thought to myself, “Why can’t she give me a break with all these clients?” That singular moment fueled my fire to learn the business, and from then on, I set out to master credit repair and make it available to people in every demographic and financial status level.

For the next three years, I spent my time in libraries and book stores reading and researching everything regarding credit and the financial field. My newfound knowledge gave me a blueprint to create what I knew people needed. To take my education even further, I traveled all over the country taking classes on asset protection, credit law, consumer law, and the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Today, I am nationally certified in over 10 qualified credit, finance, financial literacy, asset development strategies courses. I promised myself when I mastered the credit and financial industry, I would repair, restore, rebuild, and educate people.

We at Exclusive Solutions don’t service the same clients more than once. We believe everyone deserves a second chance, however, we also believe clients have a responsibility to employ the education we gave them. We also believe they should be diligent with their credit and finances as they look to the future. We create a financial road map for each individual with ongoing education to make sure the same mistakes don’t become a lifestyle pattern.

Our goal is to make sure our clients can build wealth for their personal and business needs. We thrive on excellence, never over-promising or under-achieving.


 So who is Exclusive Solutions for?

– If you need money and/or credit to start/excel your business, we should talk.

-If you need assistance with establishing your business, making the crucial decision on which entity you should choose, we should talk.

– If you are launching a new business and desire business coaching, as Tiffaney did 15 years ago, we should talk.

Our goal is to help restore your financial buying power and help you see you through the loops and holes to success.

Forever grateful,

Tiffaney Williams – CEO

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