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Get Paid Offering Business Credit and Loans!

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Make money offering business credit and Financing to your customers through our white-label business builder program. 


Exclusive Solutions business builder provides you with a unique opportunity to boost business, sales, and profitability by offering both business credit and business loans through our business program. It’s a proven simple, field tested and easy to use system. 


When you join our partner program, your customers receive access to industry-leading technology to help them with all aspects of building their business credit, getting loans and lines of credit. They will be guided through the process with their own business builder advisor if you create packages and that’s an option.


We make the sell (with the help of our great system and resources.


You’ll get access to marketing resources including:

  • marketing flyers

  • E-books and guides

  • Articles and press release 

  • Social media posts 

  • Email autoresponder content 

  • 8 page Wordpress website templates 

  • Contracts and sales scripts 


Included and not limited to all the resources to run your own business credit and financing business. 


If you’re worried that you won’t know how to do it or that it won’t work for you? Relax! Do the work! You got it! 


We provide you with all the training you’ll need to be successful step-by-step. There are over 100 pre-recorded trainings, funding training, sales rep training, ongoing support and coaching. 


You will also receive access to a complete back-office to run and manage your business credit and financing business where you can:


  • Setup and manage business credit and funding customers 

  • Access your 7-Step partner jumpstart training 

  • Setup and manage your sales teams 

  • Track funding commissions as your customers obtains loans. 

  • Control the branding of your white label customer platform. 


As an Exclusive Solutions partner, you can get business credit and financing for your business as well as your customers through your program. 


All of this is available as part of our business credit and financing partner program! 


Partner Program Benefits:

Get business credit for your business that’s linked to your EIN not your SSN to obtain business loans to start and grow. 


Make money offering your customers business credit and financing through our turnkey platform that arms you with the resources and training to be successful. 


Full coaching and support though chat, email and phone with our bilingual business support. 


Get extensive business credit marketing resources including email auto-responder content, 8-page website template, press releases, and articles, power points, social media posts, e-books, guides, webinars, flyers and more. 


Start making money quickly with our 7 step partner training, live webinar sales training, and archived partner training vault. 


Get full access to our Partner program risk free with affordable monthly and weekly payments and our iron-clad, no questions asked, 30 day money back guarantee. 


Set-up sales reps so they can have unique login access and easily train them through our 5-step sales rep training where they can also access their own marketing resources. 


Take advantage of our direct funding program to submit customers to get business loans and credit lines. Get paid….. track your commissions and customer funding progress in real time. 

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