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it's time to launch
credit repair
Imagine $5.5k-$10k for your credit repair business start-up...
Here is your chance to start!

How to Start Your Own Credit Repair Business:


Do you want to be a part of the solution? In today’s tough credit economy, many people face challenges when it comes to being approved for the things they need in their lives. Things like reliable transportation or a safe home for their family. Now, you can help these families achieve their goals and make supplemental income in the process.


We will:

  • Set up your systems 

  • Build your processes 

  • Grow your Credit repair Business


We will train you on how to utilize our structures and tactics to build a successful multiple 6 figure Credit Repair Company. 


Exclusive Solutions Credit Repair Training has one goal at hand. It’s to provide exemplary knowledge and expertise to aspiring new credit repair organizations and seasoned credit repair professionals. 


Exclusive Solutions Promise to you:


We will teach you a proven method that works. Legally and highly affective tactics to get the job completed. We will have an in person training as well as online trainings and certifications. Our training coaches will thoroughly teach you how to start your business, structure your business, market your business and build your business. 


We have outlined everything you need to win in this industry:

  • Dispute Tactics 

  • Marketing Tactics 

  • Business Setup 

  • Compliance 

  • Automation Options 

  • Sales Tactics 

  • Much more.....


We have several opportunities available for all financial situations: 


  • Diamond Training 10k 

  • Platinum Training $7500


We have our ambassador memberships:

  • Tier 1 no membership fee $100 referral fee 

  • Tier 2 $500 membership annually $100 on all 12 month subscriptions, and $100

  • For $1500 expedited and $200 for $2500 expedited 

  • Tier 3 $1000 1 time fee $500 annually after the first year $100 on all 12 month subscriptions, and $200 for $1500 expedited and $200 for $2500 expedited. 




Do you want to supplement your income while helping others build financial success? By joining Exclusive Solutions Brokers Program, you will be able to offer our services to your clients at a discounted rate. We value our clients and we are committed to your success. 


Our Brokers Program is designed to help you make money… Think about it, the more money you make, the more clients we can help. The more clients we can help, equals more money we make. It’s that simple. 



We are now accepting brokers/resellers to work with us. We're sure you know a few people who can use the very services we offer. Our Brokers application below is a very short process. We want you up and running as quickly as possible so you can make money and continue sending clients. Remember, our goal is to help you to be successful. Once you join the brokers program, you will be given you own special order link for your clients to easily place orders and it will be sent to you and us. 



Below are the three tiers that we currently offer to our brokers. You would want to select the tier that best suits your level of monthly clientele. 




At this time, Tier 1 is not available to the public, and we can not offer Tier 1 to first time brokers. You must be able to prove that you can give us at least 15 files per month to move to Tier 1. 


  • Tier 1: Must submit at least 15 files per month for Expedited the cost is $750 per file

  • Tier 2: Must submit at least 10 files per month for Expedited the cost is $950 per file

  • Tier 3: Must submit at least 5 files per month for Expedited the cost is $1250 per file.


Subscriptions are a flat fee $100 per 12 month agreement signed 


Please Read Following Terms:



  1. You agree to send us the minimum files per month, with your choice of Tier in order to receive our brokers discounted price.

  2. You agree that your clients are your clients. Do not send them to the website or have them contact us. We will only deal with you.

  3. You agree that you set your own pricing to your clients. The price we give to you will always stay the same.

  4. You agree to notify Exclusive Solutions Broker program of termination of the Brokers Agreement at least two weeks before your exit.

  5. You agree that Exclusive Solutions may terminate your agreement at any time, if we feel that you have violated one or more terms to this agreement.

  6. You agree that you must submit at least 3 files to BEGIN, once your custom order link is activated. 



This Entire Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between Exclusive Solutions Broker Program and Broker, and supersedes any prior understanding or representation of any kind preceding the date of this Agreement. There are no other promises, conditions, understandings or other agreements.


You understand we do not guarantee results or a number the credit scores will increase. We sell a financial system to take your clients from Bad credit to excellent credit.


You will communicate with your clients, send all requested documentation and updates to them. You will also receive all updates from them to give to our customer support. 

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